Ballestas Islands -

The Ballestas Islands - The Ocean is Wild!

For those travelers who love the ocean and love wildlife, this tour is perfect for you.

The Ballestas Islands are a group of small rocky islands located near the town of Paracas. They are an important wildlife sanctuary because they are home to endangered Humboldt penguins, large families of sea lions, fur seals, and many other types of seabirds and mammals.During this two-hour boat tour, we will take you just a few meters away from the islands so that you can appreciate the wild animals up close. Don't worry - the animals know they are safe, so they will not be scared or intimidated as you watch them feed, mate, and play in the water and on the rocky beaches. is proud to offer this tour. Reserve a tour or read more about the Ballestas Islands  by clicking HERE

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